[SUBMIT] Weed-liminator



Title : Weed-liminator

Server Name : Telsiai

Team Name : Bluegates

There was time when the game gave lotsa seeds, and people just spam seeds anywhere, and me seeing such an act was kinda concerning…and pity towards said things, since they gonna die after 5 mins and what’s more, no one is around getting them blessings, being spam everywhere just like nothing cuz players dont want to “waste” it, as a honorable player and like others who remove sprouts from their pain, i was willing to end it.

Or deny the blessings to other cuz why not. hahaha!!!


mogs u infernal weed whacking machine OAo

stahp dis kultish nonsense owO;;

plants habb feelings tuu :sad:


if I’m not back again this time tomorrow~
pass it on ~ pass it on ~
and save me some for later ~





Nice riyo (lyomsnpmp) artstyle. luv it! :rofl: