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[SUBMIT] Under the Summer Stars

Title: Under the Summer Stars
Server Name: Telsiai
Team Name: Froshi
Description: Surrounded by the mysterious and beautiful nature. Telling each other scary stories! Laughing and having fun together! Comfy camping with friends under the summer night sky~


ooooh~ i like how the warm colors go well with the blue night sky * w *

this reminds me of this song owO

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"as ashes will be…

…ever seeking fire"


Aye, the feeling of warmth in a cold place is really the comfiest thing ever σ(≧ε≦o)

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I love this so much

The linework and colour are amazing!

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Thanks! I think the linework is a bit messy though haha

omg the art style , love it XD

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Changed title from “Around the Campfire” to “Under the Summer Stars”, to make it sound more… interesting? Eh, I’m not very good with names. Maybe the former title is better?

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This is beautiful. <3

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I hope Owl’s fart isn’t flamable