[SUBMIT] To Raise An Army


Title: To Raise An Army
Server Name: Telsiai
Team Name: Mesarthim

“To my side my noble saviors.”

Featuring the newly reworked templar on the upcoming Re:Build patch!


yesss we need more templar entries to match those saracens >:3


What are saracens? Sorry I dont understand. Haha.


it’s what medieval peeps, mostly the knights templar from the crusades, use when referring to assassins or arabs in general owO

origin of the term is unknown, though i may be derived from this سارقين


Oooooooh I’ve learned something new today. Thank you!


wow I love it, can wait to see your art in our loading screens this year.


It gives the sensation of being part of the crowd. Congratulation for the beautiful art!


Thank you! That was the goal for creating this scene and I’m happy its working. :blush: