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[SUBMIT] The Twilight Tales

Server Name : Telsiai

Team Name : The_Bluesorrow

Gazing long to the abyss
It gaze back into you
Such consequence of wild curiosities
Is impossible to undo

Though the heavens provide one’s fate
Of mysteries we don’t understand
Remember that it is not too late
Destiny is always written by mortal hands


I assumed that the subject of this contest had potential for a lot, but this … this surprises me in many ways. I like very much <3

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aw thank you :satisfaction:

i was trying to say that the revelation is revealed to me through the class system Owo

i like frost and shadow based magic, and the sorcerer costume takes the cake >w<

the introduction of shadowmancer is the final piece of the puzzle leading to a cold, dark, and goodly home Owo

i shall embrace this heart of darkness until the last prophecies are done Owo/

the wierd light thingy far behind is supposed to be my interpretation of this ‘w’;;

i have this song as inspiration when i made the entry Owo/


thank you for your critique :satisfaction:

though i don’t have an deviantart page Owo;;

but i know some who has owO


Why you encapsuled us T.T nuoooo!

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it’s to protect you for the final showdown Owo/

Goodwork @Aoi_Kanashi /o////


thanks monstz owO glad to see you joined this time :satisfaction:

I’m at heavy deadline but I tried = w =
I couldnt do a piece with all core Berry members as I promised and just can do a lineart D:
feels so sorry

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there’s always next time, pat pat ‘w’/

you can do that slowly owO

Queeeeeenie grats!

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thank you very much for your support @Csiko :satisfaction:

i really appreciate everyone who likes the things i draw, thank you again everyone >w<

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@_TM27 @syncronz

hope to see you guys again next time :satisfaction:

Congrats Bluuue (ᶜᵃⁿ ᶦ ᶜᵃˡˡ ʸᵒᵘ ᵗʰᵃᵗˀ)!! Your hard work really payed off.
Merry christmas and enjoy your goodies!! :purple_heart:

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thanks viola X3 congrats to you too >w<

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Yay, congratulations <3

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thanks for your continuous support matt :satisfaction:

congrats blue, Merry Christmas heheh :smiley:

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