[SUBMIT] The reason I play


Title: The reason I play
Server: [NA] Klaipeda
Team name: Chen
Description: A collage illustrating what keeps me playing until this day, presenting some of the beautiful character models this game features in various combat poses.


Tree of pantsu

20 Char


I feel like it could use more images now that you can dash…



Typo or wrong translation in title?

Should be “live”

Please fix @IMC cant do anything right. smh fam


that’s a rather unconventional reason on why you play the game Owo;;;


clearly the peak of this game


A little shallow I might add, but at least now we know TC likes Archer the most of it limited amount of classes in the “art”


I’m a simple Tini; I see pantsu, I click the Like button.


definitely not an unconventional reason for playing this game. pantsu has always been an addictive force. same as loading screens and pop-up arts of voluptuous goddesses dressed in straps of cloth. it is known.


i meant ryona as battle poses Owo;;;;;


Not what I expected but, not bad for a reason. I guess it was “reasonable” :haha: