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[SUBMIT] The fate on your hand!

Title: The fate on your hand!
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: o0Yu0o
Description :
Come, little children! I’ll take thee away into the land of enchantment. Come, litte children! The time come to play, i’ll tell you the story of fate…


oooh~ the description reminds me of the song liberi fatali (fated chidren) from ff8 Owo

the fiery effect reinforces that impression Owo

Discover the garden of vernal truth
With the fiery truth
Burn down the evils of the world
With the fiery truth
Illuminate the darkness of the world”

I too wish that my revelation came in the form of a cat girl

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this is so cute, the colors are so well done, i love it!

It’s so cute = w =b