[SUBMIT] The Cave


Title: The Cave
Server Name: Telsiai
Team Name: Pietoso

Description: All about beauty and shadow in the dark. This main character is based on the assassin class, along with her companions. Excited for endless mission in the cave? Yes, I do.


you got twitter or other social media to follow?


Sorry, I don’t have any stock. This one is just done for this event exclusively.


Pieeeee GL!!



You got talent on the detail…

Maggie would be proud :blush:


Im just interested you made such a good drawing
Looking nice for a commision and you dont have social media to follow, i would love to check your other artwork

Or you never do any artwork b4?


oooh i like the light fluffy coloring X3

that battlebird >:3


Thanks Jiyuu!!, but what is that unzip? :bikini: LOL

Thanks you so much :grin: I hope so.

Thanks again :blush:. I just did only one artwork in the past (usually do a common advertisement), but it did not win in tos contest. You can contact me via Steam acc ‘Kee4hl’ or discord acc ‘Pietoso (Keehl)#1387’.

Thank you :star_struck: Waiting someone to like my red panda too haha


It’s sho chuteee sho prettheyy… :heart_eyes:


What a gorgeous O.O
I love’in it :heart_eyes:


Thank youuuu
ppl apparently focus on her XD

Thanks million times :grin:


9/10 :grin: enjoy ur 500 tp, u need little improvement from splash water, it looks like an ice


Thank you
I will try improving soon :grin:


I’ve just seen that she fixed water background like you said
Such a good recommendation
It will be good if many players do like you :grinning:


To those who may concerns about my work, this is my clarification.

First of all, as I told you, I am just a newbie in drawing and it is not my job. Thus, I do not have any gallery. However, I did my previous artwork and sent to tos contest. Unfortunately, I lost. In addition, it does not matter to use my own signature as the same of IGN; no mandatory for it.

This is my old artwork. You can also see the same signature inside. Furthermore, my previous work has copyright number for right protection (imc doesn’t hold it as loading screen); Copyright number: DRVR-X0SH-C0H8-OVQK

Finally, compare everything by yourself. Thanks


Pietoso is a new artist on the internet who is sharing his art for the first time. After a talk with him about this concern, I requested previous art from his portfolio and analyzed them. The lineart has the same technique: same pulse and brushstrokes. The coloring may vary in Anime style, since its a very dynamic style that can be colored with a lot of techniques; most common are cell-shading and smooth. Nevertheless, the coloring level is consistent.

As for the file name, we artists take the worst decisions at naming our files after drawing too many pictures through the years. Don’t expect our file names to make sense. :joy:


Huh? Wut is that logic? Can’t she change her style?
As i see it is not different that much, epecially that char.


By the way, I think imc will delete the signature as well. I do not think it is good for general loading screen (if possible lol).


Go pietoso go!

/20 char



that is kinda weird for someone to accuse you with owO;;;

i mean consistency is something i don’t have in my works owO

battle bird looks consistent though XD