[SUBMIT] Temple Pursuit


Title: Temple Pursuit

Server: [SA] Silute

Team Name: Team-Z

Description: Outlaw is the class I was waiting for. Can’t wait to throw sand all over Silute.
This is my first art ever! I can’t draw so it’s all photoshop! Hope you like it \o/


i keep confusing throw sand skill is from outlaw rather than assassin since the latter is more acquainted to sand XD


Its good, the how you make it is less important than the amount of you in the art :wink:

If you put your own soul and stuff into it, then it is all good :blush:

and the art is good for first time, I have been gluing stuff together for years and I haven’t got this good at this art thingy :smile:

but we all keep improving our own way :smiley:


I know I saw the “WIP” (really, what a privilege), but the result is even better than what I imagined it would look like! And it may be a tribute to your new class tree and main class, Tim Zé. <3

DrRM, I agree! This piece is SO him. Glad I saw the enjoyment (and work) he put into making it.


We really can see how much effort you put in it!
Congrats man! :smiley: