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[SUBMIT] Sweet Holidays!

  • Server: Orsha
  • Team Name: Chili


Sweet Holidays featuring an adorable Swordie and Cleric, and their pet Pinguin celebrating the Holidays, in warm colors of Spring Flower outfit to match the Theme of Holidays~ :cherry_blossom:

Enjoy presents, Candy canes, and Peppermint on Christmas!

This was really fun to work on, tho with the time constraint, I’m not able to correct some aspects such as symmetry. Tho I still hope you guys will like it :blush: :cherry_blossom:


That penguin is fantastic, also that Kepa present is hilarious.


where can i get those costume ? i want one for xmas !!!

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@Queue awyii. the love for Kepas is deep! bwahahaha

@msoulon it’s from cash shop, how I wish I had all of them ; u ; <3

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Best of luck chili! We miss you in the discord D’:

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Is there any fanart event that im not knowing about? hahah

(i’m only guessing cuz the ‘submit’ header)

Super cute drawing!

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@Bramia thaanks you. I just lurk from time to time on Cheerio’s disc. Too shy to talk! o:<

@hei_1 yeah there’s one, check out the news subsection. Holiday themed fanart contest~ and thanks~

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Soooooooo cute!!! I love the colors you chose! That penguin is perfect btw X3

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When you do the background make sure to add more Kepas.

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@Brachialromantik : waa I’m honored and glad that you love my penguin too ; u ; :heart:

@Queue : still not sure but more kepas is never a bad idea xD

Kepa is love

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Personally I’d also accept Popolions.

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@Queue aaii, I’m temporarily done for now. But I’ll see if I can add a little more (kepas) before the deadline :yum:

also need to get back to working on my art trades for Nowa /slapped

So adorable and fits perfectly for a loading screen uwu~♥
Kepas are good, popolions too, but what about hanamings? They need some love ;w;

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Waaa, thaaaank. And yeah, I was considering including hanamings but I ran out of time QwQ

Realized my description says “Sweet Halloween” instead of “Sweet Holidays” forgive my hangover :joy:

Sup could you check if you have received the rewards?

Cute colours~!!!

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The sky’s up! and my rewards are also up! I’ve received them safe and sound!

Thanks, Staff John! :blush:

runs around in her fluffy Christmas outfit bahahaha


Congratulations! Super happy to see it ingame :heart: