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[SUBMIT] Sunflowers

Title: Sunflowers
Server: Klaipeda
Team Name: Narcissus
Description: My chrono is a very summer kind of character so I wanted to draw her in a field of sunflowers. Kinda ran out of time to clean it up more but I hope people like it.


that’s a lot of flowers to draw OAo

i can understand why you’re short on time to do this Owo;;

ah~ my sage has his outfit as well X3

i have the yellow mahou shoujo ribbon and sunflower staff to match it with X3

oh yes~ have you heard of this series? it’s one of my favs as far as summer and flower themed owO (the characters are named after flowers owO)

i wanna share you one of my favrit sunflower drawings >w</

it’s a scene from yuichi kumakura’s ou dorobo jing Owo

your entry reminds me of it X3