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[SUBMIT] Smells like team spirit!

Description: No two Revelators have ever received a revelation in the same way. Each one has a unique experience, whether they were born ready; forged through the fires of war; enlightened from religion and prayers; or simply through curiosity and a little luck, they are all parts of the greater whole. As different as these revelations may seem, one thing is for certain - each and every Revelator is worthy of the title [SAVIOR].

Server: Telsial (SEA)
Team Name: Prrotectorate

side note: for those who just joined like me and cant post, you gotta like at least 5 posts, spend some time on the forums and leave a couple of comments. Hope that helps.


I love how the title is a pun but still radiates TOS energy!

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oooh this reminds me of an guild ritual we do when upgrading equipments owO

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