[SUBMIT] Round 3


Title Round 3

Server [SEA] Telsiai

Team Name Artsy_Ink

this Nak Muay fighter has returned to these ruins for their Annual Fight with the Werewolf as the challenger who lost two years in a row, and is trying for a 3rd time this year.
Happy 3rd Anniversary ToS.

please fix Nak Muay’s “Sok Chiang” skill debuff :blush:


can’t wait to see the finalized version Owo


draft to final output :smiley:


omg kkkkkkk :satisfaction:


AMAZING :heart_decoration:


woooooooooooooot?!! :hey:

nakmuay kinna reminds me of tifa lockheart X3


thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Amazing work! Good luck! :star_struck:


the detail on the nak muay girl…
all those abs and muscles :eyes::sweat_drops: nice


thank you very much :heart_eyes:


thank you heheh, i really enjoyed making the sweaty look on Leaf Penguin :laughing:


Hands down the best fan art I have seen so far. Especially love the sweaty leaf penguins behind and the hairstyle of the female fighter.

Ps. While I love the hair look wouldn’t it block your view while fighting? Lol that somehow got me to think onepunchman hairstyle. XD


thank you :smiley:
yes, it would block your view while fighting, but it also serve for dramatic movement. hihihi


she can sense her opponent’s aura/soul as an anime martial artist owO