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[SUBMIT] Raise Your Glasses and Toast


Title: Raise Your Glasses and Toast
Server Name: Silute
Team Name: Mar-Vell
Short Description:
Hello, my art was done in paper. Its a traditional work, i know most of the artwork presented here are made in digital, but i do love traditional art. This one i used paper, nanquim pen and color pencils, next time i will do in watercolor(the love of my life <3).
When doing this, i was thinking a sofisticated celebration, with girls, because they rock of course.



cheers Ow</

oooh yes Owo we need more peeps doing trad art entries owO

i to do it from time to time Ow<y

what’s a nanquim pencil btw? ‘w’?

anyways~ i look forward to your watercolor art next time owO

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Ohh Thanks!! i Wrote wrong, Nanquim Pen** :x



oh nono~ i meant i don’t know what a nanquim pen is owO;;



Did you know Nanquim? Its an ink that usually is black, and its property is very dense, used for making HQ’s. A Nanquim pen, is the same kind of ink, but instead of using it with brushs, you use with a fine line pen.

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i see i see owO i am pretty bad with inking know how’s ^^; most of my trads are just pencils Owoy

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Try one, you will love it!

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will ask my sis to find me this Owob