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[SUBMIT] PvP & GvG Videos

Section made to share your PvP and GvG videos on Gem Feud, TBL, Territory wars, guild wars, Borutas or any kind of PvP activities as solo or guild! Feel free to share your content with us, the community!

I’ll start with my recent video on Gem Feud, Klaipeda server!

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I have tons of old GvG videos, but gonna need to ask if it’s okay to post them.


Here’s a playlist of GvG videos taken by various members from Diamond, Crimson, Lotus, Valhalla etc

Here’s a funny one:


F*ckery Part 1

F*ckery Part 2

A bit outdated video (before recent technical updates), but still perfectly shows why ToS is not capable to handle mass-PvP. The problem is not only in the server crashes and lags. The whole skills’ mechanics makes it a faceroll fiesta.

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Let me add a video of my adventures in Gemstone Feud! I’ve been playing an Assassin/Linker/Outlaw in PvP since [Re:Build] began and I’ve come to find that these classes have gotten very strong since the last balance patch. I think some people have some very strong feelings about the state of scouts, so I thought I’d share this video with you guys.

Here’s some stats about this match (click for details):

I got 38 kills
  • 16 kills were straight from stealth - my target had no idea where I was coming from.
  • About 4 or 5 of my kills were true one-shots; there was absolutely no chance for counterplay
  • 10 kills depended on the use of joint penalty. I used joint penalty 7 times in this match, with 3 attempts not resulting in kills. One use of joint penalty (resulting in 2 kills) was not paired with stealth.
  • I had 24 opponents, but I killed only 14 unique players.
  • The most I kill any single player is 6 times.
I died 8 times
  • 4 deaths are due to hard crowd control
  • 4 deaths involved a cryo-kino
  • 1 death was due to getting hit by an iron hook

Overall this build feels rather strong. The recent changes gave assassin a lot of the damage the build yearned for while outlaw gives the build a lot of survivability. Linker got slightly stronger, but it remains are cheesy as it always has. This build really punishes lone, weak players and players that incorrectly position near things for joint penalty. I think it’s best suited for gemstone feud where there aren’t as many stray attacks to knock me out of stealth nor as much cohesive defensive play.

This build still has trouble against beefy targets and hard crowd control. The improvements to assassin’s damage give me a chance to fight against tanky swordsmen, but if I take too long and a friend joins them in the fight I have a very hard time winning the fight. Hard crowd control usually is guaranteed death as it ignores the ‘perfect evasion’ from outlaw. Accidentally clipping a subzero shield during a large area attack is the saddest way to go.

For context, I think that I am very-geared, but am just short of being disgustingly geared. I have a +13 trans 10 velcoffer dagger and a Boruta seal for some strong cloaking burst. I have all +11 velcoffer cloth armor, with two pieces at trans 9 and two pieces at trans 7, so I’m rather tanky against mages, but they can still cut through all my health if I am caught. I use a nematomas accessory set to ensure that behead and other attacks don’t get blocked. I’m using a Mergaite set for the extra invincibility-frames, and the style points of doing a magical girl emote mid-fight.

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Almost perfect run XD

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Finally a perfect run XDDD