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[SUBMIT] Playing with Cute Monster

Title: Playing with Cute Monster
Server Name: Telsiai
Team Name: Ajinoneko
Description: I don’t like swimming, camping, fishing or playing with other players ( Because my english is bad). So, to spend time in the summer, I just want to play with these cute monsters.



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I’m glad you like it

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blueberrins are kyut X3

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Yessss!! they’re very very cute :blue_heart:

have my like and support!! :blue_heart: :+1:

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what monster is this

Blueberrin :blush:

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Thank You … :blush:

i see… sorry im still in the low level tier u,u
by the way, awesome drawing… gotta save it :smiley:

blueberrin , you’ll see other monsters similar to it as well Owo