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[SUBMIT] Pick Me


Title: Pick Me
Server Name: [NA] Klaipeda
Team Name: Onishima

Description: Re:Build is finally here! I will for sure go with the Scout tree but I’m having a hard time choosing a build :stuck_out_tongue: I view ToS class system a bit different where you’re picking individual classes to be in your imaginary party, and so the idea I have in mind for this piece is the Scout having to select 3 teammates, but as you can see… some of them don’t agree :>

(The progress if you guys want to see ^^)


Love the massive Thauma :3



I really relate to this one, why are they not in the final version :heeey:


haha I was just teasing a friend


was just thinking what i should pick for my scouts too :'D


how u do the coloring?


that Thaum is so cute :satisfaction:


Thats a hard question haha, slap some colors on, move it around, adjust to your liking? :>