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[SUBMIT] Outlaw's Pursuit


Title: Outlaw’s Pursuit
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: Mistimagi

Description: an outlaw trainee on duty. can’t wait to try this class

i know its kinda late, just wanna participate haha :slight_smile:


Hmm I see you chose the popular weapons to lunch your frontal offensive :haha:

It is late indeed…

We will be accepting submissions from now until Jan 10th 00:00 EST.

but if you had fun making it, that is the most important of things :blush:


impact reflective armor lol

agree :grin:
kinda busy irl can’t finish it on time, better late than forever WIP haha.


I guess you’r a little bit late, but I love your art. See you next contest :3


hmmhmmm! i guess blonde on this costume is the way to go for me Owo

aaaaaaaaaa, i want a redhead too ; A ;


does late for 3 days count as “a little bit”? :joy:
and thanks~


blue blond/gold for royal color :kissing:

thinking about redhead with dark skin, seems delicious :9
fyi tos is racist, no dark skin available.


there are dark skinned npc’s though owO