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[SUBMIT] Outlaw: The "Aniki"


Title: Outlaw: The “Aniki”
Server: [SA] Silute
Team Name: Abstract
Description: I think everybody notice that outlaws have intresting Yakuzas vibes, so the leader of this party wants his party members call him “Aniki” beacause he is the oldest and the most powerfull member of the guild of the Cloud’s Dragoon.

I get inspired of this costume of this class
I hope u like it and we can enjoy RE TOS together!


Very cool. I like it


The brick in the picture is a bit off, but other than that it is beautiful.

Is that the official class costume or the one that is possible from quest mini-game like zealot, etc.


So, Annieki are you okay ?
Are you okay Annieki?

That right elbow connection to the arm looks kinda weird
The right hand appears to have 6 fingers (thumb not visible due to the pose, u should take away that last finger in the back)
The head should be moved upper, otherwise it looks like u just broke his neck

Beside those changes, it looks nice (oh yeah, also fix the lights and shadows, idk why is his right shoulder shining when its covered by the jacket)



if you use blur motion on background a bit the character will look more outstanding

but this is good also

good luck XD


Try to make a grey scale version! In my opinion it would look more cooler! But this ones pretty cool already too.

And your char reminds me of Zell Dincht from Final Fantasy VIII.


ooooh i’m feeling a tinge of amano-ish in this entry Owo

not to mention he kinda reminds me of zell dincht owO


Nice picture btw.
/154 characters


ITT people criticizing and pointing out mistakes rather than appreciating. Smh. Just keep the judgement to yourself please.

I love this art, seriously. Reading the comments make me disappointed that what they get from your art is only mistakes and not the greatness. It gives the impression of wild and scary at first glance. Fantastic.


Criticism is NECESSARY to artists, dude. IF they want to actually strive to greatness and better themselves more and more.

That said, gorgeous piece of art and dynamism on the clothes/pose.


I know. Just disappointed because the other fanart threads doesn’t have people criticizing it, even the (sorry) worse one. Out of all the threads, it needs to be this one. That’s why I said I’m disappointed that the first few people commenting only point out the weakness.


i apologize if my comment make you feel disappointed.

for some of us who criticising into this only think this art can even look better
doesnt mean this art bad or point out the mistake of it

sorry if make you feel bad sir.


The criticism consists in denoting the good, the bad and suggest a solution in technical terms and sometimes subjective views. And is mostly applied on intermediate to advanced leveled works, because its the stage where the artist is getting into difficult areas that require of guidance. Abstract is in an advanced level of art, and the higher the level, the more difficult things become for the artist. That’s why criticism is necessary in such levels, so the artist can improve in the areas they acknowledge but struggle with. You won’t see criticism in beginners art because its the stage of learning everything, while higher levels consist in improving what has been learnt.

Nevertheless, it is also the decision of the artist to accept or reject criticism. So, what people suggested in this drawing is valid and suggested, not imposed. So, its all good! It now depends on the artist’s reply and opinion.


omg jojo references <3


I love the background!