[SUBMIT] Outlaw Academy


Title: Outlaw Academy
Server Name: [EU] Fedimian
Team Name: Curl

Description: Outlaw Academy welcomes a new warrior.

Colour edit since I thought first one was off. Hope it still might count.


Wow… its amazing
masterpiece :satisfaction:


is this some kind of initiation rite Owo?

dat catloaf X3


What’s the requirement to get in this academy?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) asking for a friend…


You’ll need some really big… personalities. ( . Y . )


Nice… but isn’t an Academy in contradiction with the nature of Outlaws? Academy implies rules no? Looks more like a sorority to me :wink:


Good point, sir. But then every group\organization (or a gang in this case) needs a set of rules to exist and thrive. Even if the said rules are very vague.
If Outlaws in ToS were too rebellious they probably wouldn’t even be given a master NPC : D


the most prominent requirement…big bewbs~


The third lady to the left would strongly disagree with you :haha:


she got bewbs, its a hanging tank top :joy: