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[SUBMIT] One With Nature

Title: One With Nature
Server: Silute
Team Name: Hyskoa

Description: “Hi there! My name is Ava. As a druid, my job is to protect the whole forest. I care for nature and everything alive. I protect animals, help plants grow and my trees give the best fruits someone could taste! My revelation would come in the best form I could ever ask: The gratefulness from those I love and care.”

This game feels like home to me! I love helping my friends - that’s why I’m always playing as a cleric/support or utility… I feel happy when everyone’s playing together and had many good moments with them. This druid is a character of mine and I feel the best when playing with her.


oh yes~ this is how i feel as well >w<

well, cept i’m more adept on the arcane than spiritual aspect Owo/

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Amazing <3 loved the color pallete

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The ferrets are adorable


Amazing artwork. Just remind me of the good moments i had when i played with my friends.


I feel renewed with this beautiful image.