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[SUBMIT] Oh me, Oh my, Oh Laima!

Server Name: Telsiai
Team Name: grummanhkt

Warlocks are children of the goddesses, but couldn’t mom have shown her support at a better time? Goddess Laima was just dropping by to send her Revelator on an errand, but saw her on a romantic date. As her ‘mother’, she just left a quest but not before trying to “show her support.”

While progressing to max level, we come across all sorts of errands, quests, and revelations. What if said revelation was given while the Revelator was off-guard? On break perhaps? I thought it would make for a funny scene so I drew that.

All work and no play makes our Revelator a dull girl. ^^

EDIT 12/14: Made a few changes and added a more indepth description o w o


yeeees~ i was waiting for someone who would post an up-to-date goddess to send her revelations

but this one is up-on-her-date as welle :haha:

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Hahaha, i figured Laima would be a little tech savvy… spending time with the humans and all.
thank you!! it’s my first time joining. * A *


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ooooh~ welcome and i hope you enjoy your time in the event :satisfaction:

brace yourself for next week owO

usually a surge of entries goes on by then Owo/

Made a few changes and changed title o w o The cameo’s hair changed ingame so… ehehe.

I just saw!! O A O They’re all really good and yours is too! :> Thank you for being really welcoming.

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oooh i see i see Owo

i was wondering about the title XD

thank you, and best wishes to you :satisfaction: