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[SUBMIT] No Questions Needed

Title: No Questions Needed
Server Name: Telsiai
Team Name: Irodoma

Xervacya truly loves helping people (and healing NPCs) that’s why she studied very hard to become a Healer. She helped an old man to be cured from an illness he’d been carrying ever since Medzio Diena happened. Because of this, she dreamt of a Goddess on that night…

“My dear Xervacya, this world needs more kind soul like you… Do you wish to become a Re–”


And then poof, she became a Revelator.


a touching and funny story XD

mass heal does kind of give that satisfying feeling when you heal peeps Owo

is the old man’s sickness is lazyness? :haha:

The NPCs are my Heal-test buddies xP

The old man never left his home when everyone was evacuating from Medzio Diena… cuz he’s lazy :tired:

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But…only one of the sheep is happy D:

Don’t worry! All sheeps are happy. That one is happy-go-lucky :satisfaction: besides the crying one. It wants some pat pat.

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