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[SUBMIT] Nature's Peace


Title: Nature’s Peace
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: Hyunia
Description: Featuring a priest in white, and bullet marker in black. I referred to the Bullet Marker Master details + added some of my own since I couldn’t figure it out from different angles. The piece details a random fantasy environment with a tree root crystal. I just recently started playing ToS again after 2 years, so coming back with all the changes feels really fresh. I wanted to make this artwork feel fresh as well! The tree somewhat resembles the maturity the game has gone through, so I thought it would’ve been a good touch. Definitely had a lot of fun! Happy 3rd Anniversary, Tree of Savior! We have all matured and grown spectacularly. c: Thank you to my beloved partner and twin sister for encouraging me to do this!



i like how peaceful this is, u should add some bugs on the tree XD, jk, love it

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Where is the map?
nice painting.

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Thank you! :smiley: Haha I wish I had more time to work on it (I rushed like crazy so I couldn’t get all my ideas down, sadly).
Also,, do you mean the location? It’s just a random environment that I drew in. :’)



yes~ the lighting does gives this calming feel to it =w=b

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Thank you Aoi <3 Thank goodness it came off as peaceful. ;-; I wanted to go for a genuine fantasy look so I didn’t add anything special like cake or cuties partying. Everyone else’s submission was so prettyyy!
Also, I always see you around! Art community guardian angel? :3



ohoho Owo my entry is lacking festivity as well, now that i think of it owO

art community guardian angel? Owo
now that’s something people rarely call me, feels nice :satisfaction:

thank you

im just your everyday forum lurker who is easily lured out by the artfest events :haha:

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