[SUBMIT] Little Monster Party


Title: Little Monster Party
Server: [SA] Silute
Team Name: Fuyuko
Tree of Savior is nothing without our dear little monsters! They deserve a 3th Birthday Party with ToS! :blush:


I love their smile :grin:


aw~ these are so kyut X3

coincidentally i was kind of inspired to doodle some popolions >w<


:blush: this is reminding me of a cute monsters song but I cant remember the name :sad:


for now, have 10 hours of this until you remember Owo/


So fluffy <3
Im gonna die with this cuteness :3


@PoetCat @Aoi_Kanashi @DrRM @Meyshen

Thank you, guys! I did my best to make then cute as they are! Tehehe


and fluffy and cute they are owO

ah! i omloast forgot too share you my popolion doodle Owo i hope you donโ€™t mind sharing it here owO




I love the glasses! :satisfaction:


aw thank you X3

itโ€™s me and @Mog-sketero turned into popolions owO