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[SUBMIT] Last minute of defeating skiaclipse

Title: Last minute of defeating skiaclipse
Server Name : [SEA] Telsiai
Team Name : lookpapa

The idea of this illustration comes from my PT that I am has joint recently.
All of us have very limited resourse and equipments. The largest adaventage of my PT is we share items dropped by the boss with each other.

Till last month we can barely defeat the skiaclipse. And always one man down during the fight because his HP is under 90k.

So actually this illustration is kind of record of our PT that fight the boss.
Hope you will like it.




this is how i look like when the boss has like 3 digit hp left and all my skills just finished cooldown * w *

All our dps will do.
For me, I am getting more nervous at the last minute for I am the healer.
Due to the upgarde of our dps equipments, skiaclipse also becomes more aggressive in 2nd stage, like release curse during 1 team member trapped in bone prison… Too many suprise at the last minute!

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havent tried skia yet Owo;; but when it comes with ignas, i am both wiz and tank that’s meant tu survive his 1 shot XD

and occasionally the one to deliver the final blow in case of being the sole survivor if our healer got compromised owO;;;