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[SUBMIT] I Didn't Save

Server Name: Telsiai
Team Name: Armil

For the past three months playing this great game, I’ve experienced many things. Happiness, sorrow… the laughter and pain of getting kicked out of the game. I’ve experienced it all.

I also know that behind every Revelator is just like me, a dude behind a monitor, loving the game.

So I drew this based on imagination and personal experience. What if, the Revelator is enjoying the game when suddenly the Goddess cries out for help. BUT, before they get into this awesome Isekai fantasy anime situation the game disconnects? Imagining how hyped they were only to meet their expectations with disbelief and pain… This was the result.


humorous and creative :haha:

might fool players that they got dc’d with that disconnection message Owoy


That’s true, HhhhNNN
I SURE DIDN’T THINK THAT THROUGH (but I had fun photoshopping it! It’s great-)


I love this. :heart_eyes:

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Thank you! I’m glad you love it. I had a blast too!

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