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[SUBMIT] Hot right now

Title: Hot Right Now
Server Name: Klaipeda
Team Name: Lumenaurum
Description: A perfect day for sunbathing at the beach, but there’s always that one friend who loves to tease people when they just wanna relax. And don’t trust popos, popos are evil :heeey:


how is this the face of evil? :haha:

hey :hey:

quit it :heeey:

stahp ur mischief, popo :sad:

ehem~ the pastelly colors sure is nice Owob

i like how the sea has this blue green color owO

it has this kinna sorta surrealistic feel to it X3

Thank you very much! <3

Don’t let its tininess fool you, popo is the evil mastermind~ :distinguished:

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lesson learnt the hard way :tired: