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[SUBMIT] Hey There Liliah


Title Hey There Liliah
Server [SEA] Telsiai
Team Name PoetCat

Description Hello! everyone it’s me… again. :relaxed:
This char is my main pve char since 2016 too many memories

The reason that I draw only my char is for my friend who already quit TOS,
he’s artist also and his artwork will have only his char … OneePunch

No one can stay with you until last forever, only yourself be.
but all still exit, only my memory…

PS. this is my second submit for fanart contest, the contest allow to submit more than one confirmed by @STAFF_Amy .

the first one is here [SUBMIT] It's Over 9000 TOS!


The title and my char’s name (Liliah) from the person who sent this song to me

Love you all,


i recently saw oneepunch OxO;

i thinke ‘w’;;

hey i know this song Owo

the face pointing kind of reminds me of those classic anime expressions X3

speaking of which, here’s a recent one that tells about friendship and goodbyes :'D

"Melancholy scatters in the wind and casts a shadow where it gathers

Our footsteps incessantly remind us of our impermanence

But I get so lost when l peer into the depth of your eyes

We used to have hopes, right? About what lies ahead?

The reason we joke and laugh is that the road we travel is so dark, and I guess it’s our job to turn on the lights.

I’m all too familiar with pretending to say goodbye, but I still broke into tears as l waved farewell.

Amidst this deep red sadness of ours, I get lost, it gets darker, and then it becomes night.

Even if it’s inevitable that tomorrow will come around, I didn’t ever say that I wanted to live for it.

Even though I’m better off quitting, I still keep on having dreams of the future. Of the future. And it’s all your fault."

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OneePunch told me he will finish his artwork for this contest too. :grin:


oooh that would be nice >w<b

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Its very cute …:blush:

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Thank you so much :grin: