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[SUBMIT] Heartwarming Gifts

Server Name : [SEA] Telsiai

Team Name : PoetCat

Description of the Work : “Happy Christmas” everyone!
In my artwork character are my best friends and me! Yasashii and Kami-sama I think Yasashii’s costume will make he cold hahaha but I would like to draw him look like his character in game. Yasashii and Kami-sama always help me, Thank you for support me meow :slight_smile:

“Good friends is my precious gifts”

Next contest I’ll introduce my friends too :heart:


best one so far. good job!

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I’ll draw you most handsome in next contest <3

Neko-chan so good!! <3333333

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Thank you Senpai :smile_cat:

I see McSaint standing in front of christmas tree. Hihihi. :heart_eyes:

hahahahahahahaha omg Im crying

:expressionless: i see u standing behind the Gift Box Too Heheheheheh :grin:

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lovely couple here 5555555555555555

Good job, +you :smile:

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Omg i loved so cute.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Sup could you check if you have received the rewards?

I do love your work~

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Merry Christmas!

I received my rewards thank you so much :smile_cat:

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