[SUBMIT] Having a Picnic


IGN : Halfe
Server : Telsiai
Title : Having a Picnic

Description : Its that time of the year again! Time to celebrate TOS anniversary with our Friends :slight_smile: in my case, celebrate it by having picnic.

PS: ignore pantsu pls


but picnic usually involves lots of monster album :hey:


Really good and calm…

I sure will ignore pantsu, but am not sure Keppa will ever forget what he is seen :blush:


thats why i included album :3


that kepa is having a bad day


Am sure it day will get better :3


Oooh~ I’ve been wanting to do camping with my guildies on spot areas during guildwar owO would be kind of fun when players see something out of place in the given situation Owo

like this :haha:



Sync stole that pantsu :tired:




i promised u im innocent >.<
i got framed by artist :sad:


No escape! I hav proof u stole it >:)



that is some high level sleep-walking OxO;;;;


I thought it looked really familiar. Looks just like this scene from this video:


Tohou fans everywhere and I never could get into it :confused:


this is exactly where i got it i copied some pose and made my own costume


oh my~ i thought it kinda reminds me of touhou back then Owo;;;

i just cant remember which >___<;;

it was from memories of phantasm Owo;;;