[SUBMIT] [Guide] What To Do As A Low Gear Healer in Vecloffer Raid? Step by Step


IGN: QueenofPainn
Server: Klaipeda

So I have been trying to tell my guildmates that the easiest/cheapest way to get your velcoffer gears is to join the team as a support healer. While many new healer players out there dont want to join a pub party for velcoffer due to the fear of been under-geared/inexperienced. Fear not my friend, here is the step by step guide tell you what you need to do as a support healer, Priest - Oracle - PD.

Link to build Support Healer, PD-Oracle-Priest

Here is an overall good velcoffer raid guide for your reference.
Velcoffer Raid Guild

Before we start, here are some very basic requirements that are not hard to meet.

  1. Plate set gears. A set of good lv 380 primus plate gear. Ideal stat: CON and SPR. Get them to +5.
  2. Good healing attribute. Have +50lv in mass heal, +30lv healing factor, +30lv guardian saint.
  3. Good support dps attribute. Have prophecy:increase damage +1lv, deadth sentence +30lv

Requirement 1 and 2 are the most important ones. Requirement 3 is optional since your focus will be healing!

As a healer your responsibilities are as follow:

  1. Keep yourself and your teammates alive. Dead Healer = No Healer. If you and your teammates are both low, heal yourself first.
  2. Contribute to DPS as much as you can by providing debuff and buff.
  3. Provide utility to help team get through raid stages easily.

Here is a video of my run. I will break it down step by step of what you need to do and what you should be thinking while in the particulate situations.

Stage 1 (video time 0:00) This part of the raid stage, your team needs to kill all the velcoffer statues in order to move to next stage.

What you need to do:

  1. Heal your team and buff your team upon entering the raid. (divine might, blessing, aspersion, modafinil, etc)
  2. Go up the stair to aggro all the mobs. You do no dps, so it is better to lure the mobs away from your team so they can focus on objective.

What you should be thinking:

  1. Where my teammates are? So I know exactly where I should not be luring the mob to (away from the rest of the team).
  2. Did I lose aggro on mobs? Use DOT skills (black steam) to keep the aggro if needed.

Stage 2 (video time 1:34) This part of the raid, your team needs to kill the Mid size elite looking mobs to get a red crystal. After getting the crystal, it needs to be delivered to the altar on the left. After delivering the crystal you have 18 second to interact to the sealed stone that is blocking the way.

What you need to do:

  1. Rebuff your team if needed. From this stage till the end, you need to make sure you cast revive whenever the CD is finished.
  2. Help dps by providing debuff. As you can see, I used death sentence on the mobs which were gathered by linker to assist the dps. Mean while I also use Arcane Energy before big rotation and Prophecy for 30% increase damage.
  3. Use fade when you or your teammates are delivering crystal. This is the most important job for you at this stage. Delivering crystal can be interrupted by been hit by mobs and if it is interrupted while you are on the 18s countdown, its very likely that you will need to restart again. It takes 5 crystals to destroy the seal stone.

What you should be thinking:

  1. Who will be delivering the crystal? If your team has good gear and fast dps, you should be since you do very little dps and have “fade” that can ensure successfully delivery the crystal.
  2. If my teammates are delivering, use fade when it is needed (I used it anyway in case mob dropped on them during charging).

Stage 3 (video time 4:15) This part of the raid, you need to kill the first boss.

What you need to do/What you should be thinking:

  1. Rebuff your team before the fight. USE YOUR REVIVE!!!
  2. Keep beak mask and Methadone on when its off cooldown. This boss has a lot of annoying knockdown skills that will greatly impact your team dps.
  3. Use arcane energy before big rotation espeically foretell.
  4. ensure cast guardian saint before healing if your attributes are low

Stage 4 (video time 4:50) This part of the raid, you need to lure the Shardstatue bird to the the statue at the end of the stair on the right. The bird will explode when killed and do damage to the statue.

What you need to do:

  1. cast healing factor on yourself. very important since you will be low geared.
  2. lure the bird to the right and close to the stair. Use black steam + pandemic to apply a DOT on bird.
  3. run back to statue wait for the birds to come.
  4. Use death sentence and prophecy to assist dps.
  5. Heal your team. The bird explosion will also damage your teammate.
  6. When the statue is around 20% hp, use divine might and twist of fade (TOF) for fast kill.

What you should be thinking:

  1. Make sure your team has enough dps to kill the bird before you go lure for the another run. If team has low dps, you need to stay to ensure they dont die to explosion.
  2. Does my TOF do enough damage? If you have low attribute, i recommend you to wait till 15-20% hp. If you estimated wrong, you will end up healing the statue. very bad.

A side note, PD is very good at luring the bird as shown in the video. This is one of the most annoying aprt of the raid and PD is ideal for it.

Stage 5 (video time 7:57) This part of the raid, you need to face the big boss velcoffer (who died in less than 2 mins. I have been in the team who killed velcoffer in 20s.)

What you need to do:

  1. HEAL. You need to keep your SP above 50%. use sp potion when around 50% is what you need to do. Dont wait till they are low. Velcoffer has a big aoe ability that will drain your sp when hit and if your potion is on cd at that point. Your team will be out of heal. Also a tip is, if you get hit by that aoe and your sp start draining you can cast arcane energy, so at the end of the debuff you will get all your sp back. neat.
  2. cast healing factor on the teammate who has the highest dps because they will most likely have the velcoffer aggro. Use foretell when Velcoffer is able to use his big aoe in case your team is new and cant dodge it continuously.
  3. position yourself behind the velcoffer to avoid take unnecessary damage.
  4. debuff/buff whenever you can.

Again do not afraid to join the velcoffer raid if you are a support healer. As long as you meet the basic requirements which i listed above and understand what your team expectations from you. You will be more than welcomed since your build is most ideal for the raid. Let me know if you have any questions.


bad ein sof nerfed even cannot insta full SP, the good support is priest pd and kabba right,


everytime i join random shout parties, all i see isa bunch of idiots. this post will be very helpful for them