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[SUBMIT] Forward

Title : Forward

Server : Klaipeda

Team Name : DrRM

Description : After learning that Goddess Jurate was still at sea on her party boat, a small group of Revelators work together to salvage a boat and jump to the seas in search for the goddess…

and some fun.


who are those in the raft Oxo?

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All are part of the Team and it goes like this:

The one pushing the raft is a Sage Nezumi and he is in charge of transportation…

The other one is a Diev Sayo Aisaka in charge of providing and carving the wood…

The one with the hammer is a Squire Kino and is the one repairing the boat…

The totally normal civilian/chef is Hei :smirk:

Then you have our latest addition to the team Musketeer Kurz providing security…

AAnd finally the self proclaimed Captain of the ship, Warlock Kofuku…


The rest of the team is somewhere else :3

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ooooh i see i see Owo

who’s the popo though owO?