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[Submit] Don Popoléon Family vacation

Title: Don Popoléon Family vacation
Server: Fedimian
Team name: Passivieux

Don Popoléon Boss bullying popo-ball, But Aniki is there to stop him when Don Popoléon goes too far


stop bullying !

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don Popoléon no bulli pls :sad:

hmmm~ i wonder if the hat an sunnies would go as well for female outlaw costume X3

this is my char ingame ^^
i love the hat+outlaw costume combo!


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oooh~ i’m going to try that llook with my female outlaw whenget hold of that beach hat X3

send me the pic if you do it ^^

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miw X3 here it is Owo/

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now, you belong to the family

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don’t bully Boss Popoleon :prince: