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[SUBMIT] Deus Divinum Dormit

Title : Deus Divinum Dormit

Server Name : Telsiai

Team Name : The_Bluesorrow

Description :

Painter of a painted world
Goes into a deep sleep
A canvas left unfurled
Is not safely keep

The elements feverishly conspire
Their stories unfold
Realizing the purposed desire
As how the painter foretold


it’s the 3rd yr, peeps Owod

10 revelations, 10 goddesses already found so far owO

can anyone identify the goddesses in the painting? ^w^/

i have a version that has a sepia effect on the painting Owo

kinna feels like too warm that even the characters not being sepia’d got affected by it owO


:bee: holder
i like it


dis is all mog’s bad punz fault ; w ;

*shakes fist at @Mog-sketero

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At first glance the goddesses look like taken from official art :o Cool! The coloring is nice



looks like official art OwO!!! i think this is the highest praise i got fer mai drawings Owo

i mean even if at first glance owO

thank u >w<


:scream: Is the Lust Canvas… I mean Lost Canvas :exploding_head:

:haha: I love it :satisfaction:

Also, am coincidentally reading the Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas manga, in fact I was reading the Demonic Harp chapter just before coming to forum :prince:

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i got a lot of requests for it due to last artfest’s lack of it OxO;;;;

aside from incorporating someone’s request for a shota owO;;;

@DrRM pfffffffffffffft :haha:

that is some coincidence Owo

well, i hope you enjoy mog’s demonic doodlepuns XD

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nice color and the wall

!!! w… wait!!!




ees Prehistorian T-Rexipher Owoy

am glad you like the color choices owO it kind of had too much pink in it XD


This is amazing! There is so much work put into this; look at all those goddesses! I also love the tiny giltine in the corner. What a great piece to celebrate with. :prince:

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thank u @Mijirn X3 i’m glad yu liked it :smiley:

believe it or not, this is simpler than it looks owO

a lot of them are doodles during my free time at the office Owo

it’s just that they’re small enough that details and mistakes are negligible owO;;;

adding a bit of noise texture helps hide them too X3

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very nice bloooooooooooooooooo <3

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thank u very much @Pepedos X3

and nytnyt Owo7

me gusta ( =w= ):+1:

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thank you >w<y

i am kind of curious if there will be a 2019 tree lover costume owO

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blue likes big melons too huh :distinguished:


i got a lot of strongly worded feedback aftur my last artfest entry Owo;;

aside from adding a shota by reddit’s resident onionbun owO

this the perfect opportunity to have both Owoy

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the text in the banner is actually written in english but with a font that looks kind of foreign language when typed in all caps XD


the lyrics is

“Tikėk savim kiek gali, tą pasakys širdis”

it roughly translates into


And as always~ Thank you for your support on my stuff Owo/

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