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[SUBMIT] Demon Queen Gesti

Server: Silute

Team name: Tintanie

Description: Is my favourite location on the game, and the boss design that has attracted me the most, and I’d love to learn more about Gesti in the future. I love Maggi An jeong-won and her baroque style

I hope you like it, its been a while since I painted anything, this game really has inspired me to work!.


Her right hand on that demon spawn’s head is terrifying.


Captures theme: 10/10
Style: 10/10
Mood: 10/10
Not too overly barfy or cute: 10/10
Similar color scheme to actual game: 10/10
Professionalism: 10/10

This fits the game perfectly. First drawing I even bothered to comment on. Stunning.

I LOVE IT. :heart:


Thanks!! please share <3 <3


woah this is crazy good

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Wow! This is amazing!

You should win seriously, this looks stunning!

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Perfect to be a myl card xD

I really love your work and this is a awesome pic.

:slight_smile: smile emoticon for you

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Really impressive. Well done.

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you’re the best, I’ll always follow your work!

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ohhh <3 es demasiado boni <3

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oh my gosh!!! oh my gosh!!! dat pro art!!! I can fortell, that this one will guarantee a spot!!! congrats in advance!! :blue_heart:

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Thanks!! Glad you like it!

It’s wonderful to see you painting again!! I know it means to you more than words can tell and so does the joy of see such a gorgeous piece you have made <3
Keep it going, nee-san!! love ya <3

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It is spectacular how you use the shadows and colors.

I am amazed and pleasantly surprised.
hope you win.

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Be my waifu gesti :heart:

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Amazing, simply jaw dropping! Well done.

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I’m a simple man.

I see boobs.

I like.



Is it just me or is that whole arm that’s on the demon’s head dislocated?

BTW those eyes are the stuff of nightmares. Good Job!

Que trabajó tan hermoso!!! Me encanta

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