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ohoho~ i really hope there’s the smart casual and ceremonial costume versions for the scout class Owo


and quest for costume wings :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


what do you have in mind? owO?


Well we know there Giltine’s Wings but not everyone have it, i hope there a quest that we can obtain free costume wings for being loyal to the game maybe the quest can only start at lvl 390 or something haha for the new era of tos 2.0. Pluss i hope IMC make all monster card can be summon especially legendary card that would be soooo soooo hype, imagine u can summon Velcoffer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


i’d like it to have a more obvious ornamental look owO like part of the armor Owo


Ya me too, hope IMC can put it in special costume quest or something for each class like r9 and r10.
Dont forget we have centurion class hope IMC not mess up the class, make it nice like retiarius and murmillo.


Imc has already given us 2 wing items for free. Well, technically they arent wings, and they dont look very good, but they go on the wing slot

And I agree with @Aoi_Kanashi, those wings from the winged hussars would look kinda cool in-game


i want a sorcerer special costume X3


well i hope there free wings also or can make it a quest for being loyal to the game xD hahaha




close wing also niceeeeeee


i have a shield weapon design that looked like closed wings and open up when worn at the back Owo


Well done! See? You managed to draw something new and independent. :prince:


lol imc said can [SUBMIT] Assassin, Musketeers, Centurion & Outlaw