[SUBMIT] Deadly Speed


Title: Deadly Speed
Server Name: Klaipeda
Team Name: oAo

Short Description:
How fast can I kill? Let’s test it out on some easy prey!


AYYYY YOU ENTERING. You did great with the colors and details!


Thank you! I don’t know what I’m doing sometimes hahaha!


I see kepa I like :blush:


I hope your entry made it in time! This was lovely.


There will always be a kepa. :sunglasses:


Thank you! I made sure to submit before midnight EST so I hope so!


oooh~ i like her smug-like expression >:3

but poor keppa must be traumatized OAO


Thank you! Kepa should get used to it… it’s all a part of their life now! :smirk:


ogres are like keppas Owo