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[SUBMIT] Daily Agenda


Title: Daily Agenda
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: Kissel

Description: Just outlaws being carefree. This time the setting is in Fedimian. Thanks.


reminds me of this scene in badlands rumble owO


o_o I’m speechless. This is too good to be true. Please tell me you’re a professional artist because the world would miss such an amazing talent if you’re not. By the way the masters only make it much better! I really like it when NPC ingame are drawn!

This is by far is my favorite in this time’s contest, thank you for giving a refreshment for my eyes! :heart_eyes:


lots of Telsiai entries this time around, nice.:+1:
Btw, love the filename “final” , shows that i’m not the only one having the same file naming ethics :laughing:


Another great entry! Love everything about this!


ohh. Vash is a really cool badass character :distinguished: thanks


Thanks a ton Bilu. Sadly nope, I work on a different industry. Thanks a lot :satisfaction:


Damn, my pint is empty…


… or I’ll blow your stinking tavern to smithereens!!!


yep. Lots of good entries too. Thanks


oohh I saw your entry it’s very good. Thanks :satisfaction:


I love the lighting :open_mouth:
nice use of shading & colors


oooh aside from vash, i kinda relate your work on how the outlaws are in fedimian with the environment planet gunsmoke has and its inhabitants Owo


Thans a lot draco :haha:


Wow Shiseptiana. I saw your works, the character’s expression was on the point. Also digging that traditional look coloring style. Thanks! :satisfaction:


Amazing job!! You’re really good at architecture!


oohh I studied Architecture haha, happy someone noticed. Welp Fedimian is so beautiful. Thanks a ton :distinguished: