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[SUBMIT] Costume Quests: Scout {Work in Progress}

Hi everyone,

Since the new costume quests of Assassin and Outlaw took me some experimentation to complete, I wanted to share my findings. The challenges are designed to be difficult, so reading the guide might take away from the satisfaction of completing it. Read at your own peril.

General Information:

The costume quests are a repeatable quest that can be attempted 15 times. The counter resets every Monday and Friday at 6 am server time.

About the stages

There are 3 possible reward for a costume quest, each requiring a higher score. In the quest description, these are called stages.

You get the reward for the highest stage that you reached and haven’t gotten the reward yet. E.g. if you reach the 3rd stage on the first try, you get the reward for stage 3, but you have to challenge the quest again for the other rewards.

Once you’ve completed all the stages, you can’t attempt the challenge anymore.

Start/Restart a costume quest

To start a challenge, simply go to the class master of the corresponding class. You can warp there by using a warp statue and choosing Move to Class Master. Once you’ve accepted the quest, you can go to the designated area on the same or adjacent map and start the challenge.

If you fail the challenge, you can open the quest menu and restart the quest under the Abandoned tab.

If you complete a stage of the challenge, you have to return to your class master to accept the quest again.

If you change your class, you keep the costumes. But you can only wear them with the respective class. (Exception: Assassin hood can be worn by any class)

Class Specifics:


The assassin trial is relatively easy once you know what to do. (No preparation needed)

You have following abilities:

  • Attack: 1 damage, 1s CD

  • Attack: 2 damage, 4s CD

  • Attack: 3 damage, 6s CD

  • Attack: 4 damage, 9s CD

  • Reset CDs, 30s CD

How to complete:

You need to kill Chupacabra with 3, 4, 5 or 6 HP, giving 1, 1, 2 and 3 points respectively.

So the points you get per dmg invested are:

3 HP - 0.33 point per 1 dmg

4 HP - 0.25 point per 1 dmg

5 HP - 0.4 point per 1 dmg

6 HP - 0.5 point per 1 dmg

It’s easily visible that killing the 6 HP monsters gets you the highest value. Given that there are two 6 HP monsters and they respawn relatively fast, you can spend all your time just killing the 6 HP monsters. Your CDs also align pretty well, killing one with 4 dmg + 2 dmg and the next with 3 dmg + 1 dmg + 2 dmg and repeat.

Doing this easily gets you to 100 points.

When you kill a monster, your CDs get reset by 1s, but do not pay attention to this too much because the time you need to use an ability is much more constraining.

If you have trouble finding the 6 HP monsters, you can kill a 5 HP minion while looking for the 6 HP ones.


Only kill 6 HP monsters - use 4+2 and 3+1+2 (roughly, improvise if needed)



For the outlaw trial you have to kill monsters with the main weapon after hitting them with a brick (stuns them) or throwing sand into their eyes (blinds them). These two actions are also included in the outlaw skill set, but the quest abilities are a bit different:

Ability Infomation


  • CD: 1s (Included in animation)
  • Animation: 1s
  • Use from behind monster
  • The character jumps into the air and slams the brick down onto monsters in front of the character.
  • Ammunition: Rock


  • CD: 5s
  • Animation: Negligible
  • Use in front of the monster
  • The character throws sand at monsters in front of the character.
  • Ammunition: Sand

So one can be used from the front and one from the back. The ammunition can be collected from one pile of rocks and sand each, which spawn randomly on the map at the beginning. The current amount carried is shown above the character’s head.

While it is easy in theory, in practice the time constraint is really difficult.


Only kills with the main weapon count towards the score. If a monster is killed with either the brick, the sand (which do a little bit of dmg) or the off-hand weapon, no point is added to the score.

How to complete:

The challenge can be made a lot easier with some preparation:

Movement Speed

Since you run around a lot, having higher movement speed helps.

Movement speed potions can be crafted by an alchemist or obtained through e.g. the quest chain in West Siauliai Woods.

Enchanter has the Agility buff.

Stamina Gear

Since time is important, you want to always sprint while you’re not attacking and you don’t want to run out of stamina. You can also use stamina pills during the challenge by opening the inventory and right-clicking on the pill, but this makes it even more hectic.

Attack Buffs

While the damage for your main weapon attack seems to be fixed, buffs that grant additional hits actually work. Also, as the monsters are of type earth, fire seems to do bonus damage. So you want to get:

Grace: Additional Holy Hits from your friendly ch1 Pardoner

Skill Scroll [Lv 15 Enchant Fire], usually available on the Market

(Lightning Hands and Enchant Lightning didn’t seem to add anything in addition to the buffs above.)

With these buffs, the monsters can be killed in two hits.

As reference, I cleared the challenge with these buffs

Movement speed: +3 (Token) +3 (Agility) +1 (Event) +2 (4h Movement Speed Potion) +1 (Manamana) = +10

Stamina: 89


Grace: Additional Holy Hits

Skill Scroll [Lv 15 Enchant Fire]

All the Enchanter buffs

With the preparations complete, it is important to

  • only kill with your main weapon

  • (almost) always hit with the rocks and sand

  • prefer sand if not on cd

  • if multiple monsters stand together, try to hit all with rock/sand and main weapon

  • get a bit lucky

Since the ammunition piles and monsters spawn randomly, you need to get a bit lucky so that you don’t have too large distances to run. But given the preparations and a bit of practice, 45 points are possible. The Savelock you get has some nice visual special effects.


Bullet Marker



Team Name: Akatuoro

Server: Fedimian


Reserved space in case it is needed for future updates.

i read the post too late -.-. I alreadyx failed 15 times. I wrongly killed the low mobs. How can i reset the quest?

reset entry count on Monday and Friday.