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[SUBMIT] Commitment

Title: Commitment
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: Azzerufo

Description: Your friends invite you to go out and have fun but you say no, because you decide its better to spend your time preparing for the end game. Thousands of hours pass, hundreds of raid portal stones used, and hundreds of cubes opened with no luck at all; you start to wonder if you’ve really made the right choice


i prioritize fun with friends than endgame stuff Owo

it’s even better when you get endgame stuff while having fun with friends :satisfaction:


I can’t get my friends to grind to end game stuff ( UnU )

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well, just don’t neglect it whenever they do Owob

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:distinguished: i grind solo most of the time yes. random parties are enough to go on in the occasional raid or two.

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i feel like almost all of us can relate…
early game - only talts
mid game - only nucle powder
late game - only essences


Been doing ignas for almost a week. Fragments for days :tired:

At least the Masinios raid still gives good stuff

rip , may dom bless u :v

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I got plate pantsu in a run with Dom :distinguished: Planium with a CM with him too. im draining his luck :distinguished::distinguished:

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