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[SUBMIT] Christmas Surprise for pets

Server Name: [SEA] Varena
Team Name: cat-77
Description: bring some fresh food , for my lovely pets <3



:heart: :heart: :hamster::gift::bird: :heart: :heart:

(I’m wondering what kind of food can restore my guinea pig’s stamina…)

Nice wrapping paper! Good work!!:clap:

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Thank you :hamster::dove:

This is amazing.

The art seems so cool and cute, and it give me a good feeling.

Just look at that bird, so lovely xD

Amazing art :heart:

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Sup could you check if you have received the rewards?

So realistic!

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@STAFF_John I have received my rewards Thank you :grinning::pray:

@Kagetane Thank you for saying so :blush::bird:

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