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[SUBMIT] Cake for the 3rd Year!


Title: Cake for the 3rd Year!
Server Name: Klaipeda
Team Name: LinYue
Short Description:
Hello this is for a friend < Cazaril > Dear IMC … please have a bit more player Support … ReBuild alot of players did the transcendence 50% off Event. Everyone hyped for it then it happens with UI Bug … it shows 100% but it wasnt … and since many weapons or gears cough Velcoffer ones are at low potentials … well it got destroyed … then filling tickets after tickets, posting in forum etc … just a news about will fix and refund the gears … time goes by … nothing happened … Lunar Year came noone around at this time … time goes by again … nothing happened again … no notice no news … just background talks from player to your Community Manager saying it will get refunded for the lost … another week went past, maint day … theres still nothing after 1 full month … sadness and broken trust to IMC had left in his heart - he quit! Event got canceled also and nothing afterwards …
So yea Dear IMC - We wish more Player Support for Tree of Saviour - wishing GMs showing up more often (Wishing GMs come to the players 1 by 1 to refund - wont happen in ToS anyway o.O) For the 4th Year Please Do Better!!



yeah, CSR is a rather serious concern that needs attention Owo;;

i do admire your consistency in effort for your entry despite the issue aside from your dedication to your friend >w<b