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[SUBMIT] Bunny Wizzard

Team: Birthday @ Klaipėda

updated: 1920*1080px, 300dpi ( I will use this one for the contest. Thank you!)

-------The originals

Sweet! I can make a topic and upload my fan art now.


aw cute X3

this is a test upload yes? owO?

reminder there is a required "1920*1080px, 300dpi " dimension for your entry Owo/

Thanks. I didn’t know there’s a contest til i saw the news on the website.


ah~ i just thought you’re participating because you had the title with [SUBMIT] Owo;;

I am now! I only have the time to adjust it from the original, since the deadline is so close. I will just have to do a better job next time.

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haha alright XD

best wishes and hope to see you with a more prepared entry next time X3

hi.i like you arts.can you make a better landscape art with a full image like the original in middle and wider background? also without the in game real schreenshot one
I know you might not accept request but if you do thanks
good luck for the competition