[SUBMIT] Brick Breaking Talent


Title: Brick Breaking Talent
Server: Klaipeda
Team Name: Hillgarm

I’ve always wandered how class masters are selected to each tree, is it based on their knowledge? their skills? fighting expertise? Who knows…

  • Added stage lights suggested by Theo

Unfortunately i had cut a chunk of the scope due time constrains.


By reading in the game the masters are selected by the previous masters of the tree…

now how the masters chose who was going to get drop into scout you beat me xD

Scouts is prob made out of the Masters the other Trees Masters/people in power where too ashamed of or didn’t wanted :smile:


the current shadowmancer master is the pioneer of shadowmancy Owo the very first of her kind owO


To be fair, BM Master was a member of Winterspoon and almost became the next Alchemist Master so it means he has decent magic power, but he chose to create Bullet Marker which is on Archer/Scout tree. So I guess the first class master just pick whatever tree best for them.

I like the idea of your art though :joy: It sounds funny to imagine the masters going through talent-show-like audition :rofl:


He somehow reminds me of Inasa from BNHA :rofl: