[SUBMIT] Boruta wanting to put fire on the birthday


Title Boruta wanting to put fire on the birthday
Server [SA] Silute
Team Name Sabidinha

Description Boruta attacking very close to the tree of salvation, being protected by the player.
Scene created by editing 3d meshes, with character with slight muscular development, and Boruta firing.
In fact, high level monsters generate a lot of emotion.



Time to google all the assets :smile:

I feel like I have seen everything on your image before :blush:


Production and coloring of armor


nice where you got them?_?


Cannon detailing.



Placing the background image without the characters.


Creation of the cannon based on cylinders, and texture created based on images of the middle ages.


yes, but where you get the models from?_?

what program you use?_?


I create the model, and render using Maya, use photoshop to create the textures. There is no TOS style cannon on the internet, nor does an armor with a scaly skirt.


Will look into maya as I too like 3D stuff and all give a really familiar look of old times long forgotten…

I made my art with 3D paint, so am looking for better assets and upgrades :smile:

EDIT: Are they resource heavy?_? my laptop isn’t that strong :confused:


whoa so realistic OwO i thought it was cosplay owO

speaking of asset owO

Ruritania font is very nice X3

i tend to combine it with fantasie artistique font Owo