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[SUBMIT] Boruta Rewards Guide

Server Name: Klaipeda
Character Name: Crevox

Let’s talk about Boruta rewards.

You receive rewards upon Boruta’s defeat based on your ranking.


Medals of Honor can be traded at your guild’s shop for items.

Boruta Pouch: 20
Magic Stone: 8
Legendary Necklace Recipe: 20
Legendary Bracelet Recipe: 15
Toucan Egg: 80
White Guinea Pig Egg: 80

The pouch can be opened for Seals and other items.

Seals are a new equipment item in Re:Build. You can obtain these from participating in the fight against Boruta. They go in an entirely new slot, Seal.


There are two kinds of seals currently in the game: Kaze seals and Boruta seals. Kaze seals are named after the Kupole, Kaze, who helps you enter the content. Every base class has their own Kaze seal and Boruta seal with their own stats.

Kaze Seals
Kaze seals are Magic grade and very simple. They are given out to you for free upon completing the opening Boruta quest.

Kaze seals can’t be traded at all, nor team storaged. They have two stages of effects.


Boruta Seals
Boruta seals are different and must be upgraded. They can be freely traded, marketed, and team storaged.

They have 5 stages, but all effects except the first are initially locked. You must upgrade the seal to unlock other effects, which can be done by combining a seal of the same level. So, you combine two level 1 seals to create a level 2 seal, then create another level 2 seal to combine with the first to create a level 3 seal, etc.

The chance of success is determined by using Magic Stones, which are a material obtained from Boruta and by trading in Medals of Honor. You can also obtain them from Irredian’s Shelter. You can’t trade or sell Magic Stones. There is also a silver fee. It seems the base success rate is 50%.


Dragon Strength
Dragon Strength comes in two stages. It’s on each seal at the 3rd and 5th upgrade level.

Stage 1
Stage 1 of Dragon Strength upgrades Velcoffer skills. These are the skills you unlock for use with 5 of the same Velcoffer set equipped.

Here is how each of them are modified.

Increases the MDEF reduction to 20% (15 -> 20) and the duration to 15 seconds (10 -> 15).

Increases the duration of the mark to 10 seconds (5 -> 10) and increases the damage dealt by the exploding mark to 700%.

Stuns 5 nearby enemies for 5 seconds upon skill use.

Decreases the extra damage received per stack to 5% (20 -> 5).

Knocksback nearby enemies when the shield HP hits 0 or it expires.

Stage 2
Stage 2 of Dragon Strength unlocks a new set bonus on the new legendary accessories if you have all 3 equipped.

Legendary Accessories
There are four new legendary accessory sets, all obtained from Boruta. You can get recipes for these by trading in Medals of Honor or by opening Boruta cubes.

Here are the legendary accessories. As I said, there are four sets, and they are upgraded versions of the current World Boss accessories. You need those accessories, plus another accessory (different per piece), and multiple Marble Stones from Boruta to craft them.

In order:
Drakonas Kite Moor (requires Rangovas Necklace & Bracelet)
Drakonas Frieno (requires Terrallion & Gladiator Band)
Drakonas Pasiutes (requires Nepagristas Necklace & Bracelet)
Drakonas Lynnki Sit (requires Max Petamion & Akro Galia Bangle)

(Click the image to view them all or

Here are the set bonuses.

Drakonas Kite Moor
2 Set: +150 Poison, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Dark, Holy, Earth, Psychokinesis Resistance
3 Set: Increases property attack in value equivalent to property resistance

  • Affected properties: Poison, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Dark, Holy, Earth, Psychokinesis

  • Max. 1500 per property

Dragon Strength Stage 2 Effect
Increases Holy property attack equal to 8% of Magic Defense (Max. 4000)

Drakonas Frieno
2 Set: AoE Attack Ratio +3
Critical Attack +353
3 Set: 20% chance per attack dealt to inflict 5000 to 8000 damage to nearby enemies.

Dragon Strength Stage 2 Effect
Increases the damage inflicted by Drakonas Frieno by 10% with a smaller number of targets (maybe a stacking 10%? hard to read this one)

Drakonas Pasiutes
2 Set: Critical Rate +135
Critical Attack +657
3 Set: Enhancement: Critical Rate +(5 * sum of accessory enhancement) (Max. 150)

Dragon Strength Stage 2 Effect
Transcendence: Critical Attack +(30 * sum of accessory transcendence) (No cap)

Drakonas Lynnki Sit
2 Set: CON +35
Casting Time -10%
Magic Critical Attack +452
3 Set: 5% chance when attacked to immobilize enemies for 3 seconds.

Dragon Strength Stage 2 Effect
Immobilized enemies also have their Magic Defense reduced by 15%. Elite and Boss grade monsters are not immobilized but still have their Magic Defense reduced.

Other rewards
[Card Equip Effect] Increases damage against Boss monsters by [★*5]%

Toucan Egg. It’s a Falconer pet. Not tradeable, so you will need to obtain it yourself (cannot buy it from other players).

White Guinea Pig Egg. Not tradeable, so you will need to obtain it yourself (cannot buy it from other players).

I think that covers everything.


so for everyone who participate to be able to FAIRLY get reward:
-it cant be more than 3 guild
-it cant be more than 30 person


also, how many times a week we can do boruta’s raid? does it need raid stone too? similar to velco?

There’s the natural cap of 900, since every accessory can only go to T10 and there’s a max of 3 accessories xD

By the time people can do Boruta consistently, they’re already pretty strong to being with.

Upgraded Pasiutes and Lynnki look interesting though, definitely a step up from regular.

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seems fair
how often we can fight boruta?

Is it possible to reroll the Boruta cubes?

Do you get a participation reward on top of the top 30 contributor reward? The participation reward seems loosely like a contributor reward since it’s to the top 70%. However, that seems like it’s to deter zero-effort participation, so I would expect to be able to get both.

What I find weird is that the participation reward is capped at 1000 players. That’s so peculiar! A typical channel can’t even hold 100! What sort of timescale do they expect us to do Boruta over? Do they expect people to come and go over the span of days? If 1000 players is the top 70%, over 1400 players would need to participate to hit this cap (that’s as much if not more than the entire iToS population).

If it’s meant to be done over an ultra long period of time, I have to wonder how rewards are received. Do we need to be present? Logged on? Recently I’ve seen things suggesting that Boruta could take 4 hours to kill without interference. That’s ridiculous, but maybe this guy needs to be thought of differently.

Edit: I also wonder if he can reset.

That should be the case, judging how the Marble Stones cost exactly 8 seals (so the top 30% can buy a Marble Stone per kill) and the first Boruta clear video that showcases the person afterwards buying a Marble Stone.

I can finally live the dream of having a cannon with toucannon. I’m hype :partying_face:

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gildies leaving for boruta rewards is real Owo;;

Yeah I’m really stoked that my favorite cereal mascot is coming TOS!


Updated with new English terminology and added full English versions of the seal descriptions.

This event is one of the worst I have ever seen. It’s just another praise for the strong to remain strong and for casual players to suffer bullshit mechanics.

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could you maybe add a small section on where/how to enter, what to do inside and how to not get insta gibbed? maybe also a level/equip advice (like, is it useful to try and go with a lv360+ char with only primus 350 etc)

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