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2H-Sword Guide - Grace in a Blade

Server: Telsiai
Team name: MonoMell

After Tos 2.0 known as Re:Build, a lot has changed with the dynamics of 2h-swordsman class.

If you are a 2h sword main, or perhaps a complete newbie in this area. You are free to glance and decide for yourself whether it’s worth dedicating your time for 2h-sword over other options.


proper citation : Some content of this guide was taken from and treeofsavior forums itself

About the author:

I am MonoMell from Telsiai
My current build is

A big 2h-sword fan, be it from games like Grandchase Sieghart, Elsword Elesis, and Honkai Impact. I’m into Historical European Martial arts (HEMA) as well, I’ve been following mainly Skallagrim and Blood & Iron Hema

You would usually find me loitering near npc leticia in Klaipedia channel 1, hit me up if you pass me by

First and foremost let’s get into

Red Cards
Ideally you would want red cards to boost your damage.
I am taking 3 Prison cutter cards (in combination with Rajapearl) to increase my damage to bleeding enemies. It’s easy to proc and can stay at 100% uptime. However, here are the options for red cards.

Centaurus Card
AoE Attack Ratio +[★/5]
Good for mobbing and low AAR gears

Prison Cutter Card
Increases damage against bleeding enemies by [★]%
Very easy to Proc in combination with Rajapearl

Glass Mole Card
Physical Damage +[★]% for 6 seconds after using any type of SP potion
Acts like a steroid to boost your Physical Attack for a short amount of time

Unicorn Card
%Damage increase to Dark Property Monsters
Useful since most mobs are Dark Property attribute

Moa Card
Increases damage against Demon-type monsters by [★]%
Useful since most mobs are Devil Type Race

Honorable Mentions:
Tomb Lord Card for bossing, but card effect is too low.
Froster Lord Card but too niche, useful in Pvp if enemy doesn’t have resist.
Not advisable since other cards do better in general content

Blue Cards

There are newbie friendly cards in the honorable mentions but ideally you would want Nuaele or Marnox to drastically increase your defense.

Nuaele Card
Magic Defense +[★]%
Best card for Magic Def

Marnox Card
Physical Defense +[★]%
Best card for Physical Def // Best card to take due to abundance of Pattack be it pve or pvp

Honorable mentions:
Armaos Card for shield however it falls off badly in end game content
Woodspirit Card for health recover, suffers the same fate as armaos
These are cheap options and I advise to buy them if you’re are starting up

Green Cards

Ideally, you would want to maximize 3 cards in the 3 slots due to its low value, cards of these nature doesn’t have a drastic impact in the game

Netherbovine Card
STR +[★]
Best Card to take, STR increases your bleeding damage

Blut Card
CON +[★]
Generally useful since Con

Ellaganos Card
DEX +[★]
For slight increase in Critical Attack

Honorable Mentions:
Mummyghast Card for a balance of str/dex in build
Simorph Card for a balance of str/con in build
Abomination Card For a balance of dex/con in build
Gorkas Card used for looting chance if you’re aiming for a farming build
Best to maximize 3 card slots since effects are low_

Purple Cards

You would want to mixmatch cards on this section as there are varying good options to choose from. My suggestions is to take 2 Rajapearl Cards and 1 Gazing Golem. Or if else you could just maximize 3 card slots for your own choosing.

Rajapearl Card
[★/3]% chance per attack dealt of bleeding an enemy for 6 sec
Best card in combination with Prison cutter

Gazing Golem Card
[★]% chance of using Lv1 Pain Barrier upon being hit
Great card for continous Dps if your own pain barrier is down

Marnox Card
Critical Rate +[★*1.5]
Additional Critical Rate for low Crit rate gears

Neop Card
HP Potion Effects +[★]%
Great if you’re having HP issues

Rikaus Card
SP Potion Effects +[★]%
Great if you’re having SP issues

Honorable Mentions
Cyclops Card Pvp Niche for increasing stamina for running
Stone Whale Card Increased defense for 5 seconds if you’re having survivability problems
Succubus Card If you want to provoke more mobs
Velpede Card Pvp niche for increased Ms speed after attacking
Normally you would take these cards for specific reasons, else don’t take it

Legend Cards

Demon Lord Marnox
Minimum Critical Chance +[★*2]%
Easily one of the best cards not only to 2h-Sword but to almost all classes due to it’s effect. It’s a long way but having a 20% minimum critical chance allows you to Dps way beyond you could imagine.

Boruta Kepas
Increases damage against Boss monsters by [★*5]%
With the 50% damage (maxed) damage against boss, it would be a good asset in bossing scenarios.

Demon Lord Rexipher
Movement Speed +[★]
This is my personal bias as I am gunning for this card. One of the effective weakness of swordsman in general is movement speed. I would inevitably use this card in the future if I aim to top in PvP. +It’s fun having movement speed gears.

Honorable mentions:
Demon Lord Blut
Demon Lord Zaura
Demon Lord Nuaele
Demon Lord Helga

Golden cards are useful in general, these are great assets that should be invested in for REAL end game scenarios


Classes that could wield potentially wield 2h-Sword while able to use skills alongside with it.


  • Increased 50% Critical Attack Attack using two-handed sword (Maxed Attribute)
  • Able to inflict Shock to decrease opponent’s stat for a decent amount of time
  • Able to inflict Bleed to combo with Prison Cutter


  • Subpar skill factor ratios
  • Crossguard is lackcluster as a skill
  • Needs Decent Aoe ratio to work


  • One of the best buff class PvE wise
  • Cleave increases other slash damage by 20% and gives you additional 10% crit rate
  • Pouncing is one of the best Dps skill in all 2h-sword classes


  • Doesn’t offer that much skill rotation wise
  • Embowel and Stomping Kick is severely underwhelming
  • Pouncing tends to bug at times


  • Can stand alone on it’s own skill rotation wise
  • Able to inflicit bleed Zwerchhau
  • Cyclone is one of the best mobbing skills in the game


  • Can be a bit suicidal due to Deeds of Valor and Double Pay Earn
  • Skill points hungry to maximize dps
  • Needs a support to fully maximize potential


  • Great in TBL/Gem Feud/GVG
  • Has a horse, who doesn’t like horses?
  • You could provide decent buffs to your own and your team


  • Has little to no use PvE wise
  • Offers little to none Dps Skill rotation
  • You would be dismounted once you use non-mountable skills

Nak Muay

  • Can be good in PvP if used correctly
  • Able to inflict slow, bleeding and knockbacks
  • Can roleplay as a monk since monks in cleric are dead


  • Both lackcluster in PvE and PvP, it’s even hard to displace enemies due to desync
  • Most nak muay skills are strike type, doesn’t synergize well with cleave
  • Monk’s cousin but retain’s it’s iTos popularity ranking due to meme
  • You could Dps better using other classes


  • Excellent for Crowd Control in PvP
  • Could organize scattered mobs
  • -25% physical defense decrease using disarm


  • Has no real synergy between other 2h-sword classes
  • Skill points are wasted due to lack of synergy
  • Requires a good weapon to make it work

Top Build Paths



This is considered one of the best DPS build path for 2h-sword, it’s backed up by statistics with the tree of savior ranking build due to the population of iTos using this preferred build.

As of writing this guide it’s #2 in the top rankings. I’m not expecting it to fall anytime soon unless there was a major buff in other classes or a nerf with the said classes.


  • This class is very good in Dps rotation wise, you won’t find any downtime in skills to dps mobs or boss.
  • Excellent in PvE as you’re able to melt mobs especially in CM parties.
  • Could stand on it’s own in Solo CM provided you have a decent gear, could reach upto stage 7 with god tier gears.
  • Requires only to wield a 2h-sword, doesn’t need a ridiculous large investment for auto-switch equipments


  • Requires time and money investment if you’re playing this class as usually you would need to max attributes to maximize the damage potential from the class.
  • Torn between choosing Plate armor and Leather Gear for survivability or additional critical chance
  • Needs Decent Critical Rate investment
  • It sucks in PvP there’s no denying it, you would be a fodder in gem feud or team battle league
  • Doesn’t have a good defense and requires a decent healer at times for end-game content

Skill Distribution

For skill point - you could change it as you please depending on what content you’re tackling. For i.e you could switch 10/10 to Zwerchhau and give up Sturtzhau for more bleed damage.

You could also take Double Pay Earn if you’re looking to farm mobs, just reduce the skill points from Sturtzhau


Swordsman-Barbarian-Highlander-Nak Muay
This is considered the top 34 build as of I’m writing this guide, however I don’t see the reason to pick Nak Muay over Highlander; Dps wise and synergy wise. I’m sure it would be eventually dethroned by better class combinations.


  • Have good Skill factor Ratio on Nak Muay skills
  • Excellent in PvE as you have no problems with skill rotations
  • It’s a meme class, who doesn’t love it?


  • No reason to take Nak Muay over Highlander except for roleplay or dedication to the class
  • Little synergy with Slash attacks
  • Other classes could perform better

Skill Distribution

Again for skill point distribution. Feel free to edit it depending on the content that you’re tackling.

My personal build

This is a mix of PvP and PvE as I ocassionally TBL and Gem Feud, while still being relevant in PvE Content

I can get away with this due to my gear, it’s not advised and you would be better off taking other classes. I could theoretically replace Retiarius with Templar and do the same dps.


  • Disarm + Pouncing deals a ridiculous amount of Dps
  • Could use the combo above to 100 to 0 moderately geared players in PvP
  • Has good Rete Costume that feels like a knight


  • Better off taking other classes for Dps
  • Need a good weapon in order to work
  • Sometimes lacking in skill rotation

Skill distribution

Again for skill distribution, feel free to edit it. I do both PvE and PvP that’s why I choose that skill distribution and class, again don’t use this build if you aren’t geared.


Plate or Leather Armor?

  • Ideally you would want Leather for PvE as it provides you the maximum possible critical chance. However non trans and low enhancement leather gear would surely dispel you death. Make sure to have a good support who can assist you during runs.

  • You would want to take plate if you’re going for PvP, as there are 3 base classes that primarily deal Physical damage, 1 base class for Hybrid damage and 1 for magic attack. Surely it’s no brainer that you would often meet Physical attack classes (Unless for some reason you would want to be a magic slayer of some sort). It’s also good in PvE since you’re able to tank most of mobs damage.

So what do I pick? It always depends on your choice, I personally went leather due to my low critical chance. As a consequence I occasionally die from time to time. Going plate would require you to invest it critical chance gears as well to maximize damage.

The most ideal scenario would be having a full plate gear with a decent critical chance. That’s in the realm of God tier equips that you would be able to tank while dealing ridiculous amount of damage


Just use your 2-h Sword. While other classes have physical defense increase using Shield, the amount of Dps that we could deal with really good equips is astounding. However that’s not the same case with PvP, if you’re planning to have a PvP toon, you better gear up and prepare for the worst.

Here’s a guide of IMC with the velcoffer equipments, if you don’t have velcoffer equipment yet. Do consider to take it up, again always aim for the latest legend equipment.

And for the new legend accessories, here’s a guide made by Crevox.

Ideally you would want your gears to be transcended as soon as possible and be the latest legend equipment. However if you can’t afford such standards you could opt into primus and raid gears as well. Do note that taking 2h-Swordsman is a real investment, and you would need dedication or else you would burn out from the class.

Cheers that’s all, you could reply into this thread if you have more questions and I would gladly answer if I find time.

Secret bonus AA swordsman build revealed. Credit to Palemoon/@Mikumo in the subreddit treeofsavior Discord Server.


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Under your defense section you called the Zaura Card Marnox Card but you have the right effect. Might want to give it the correct name though for players with less knowledge. Also remove demon lord from Maronx, Zaura, & Nuale etc. Demon Lords are the gold versions. regulars are just their names.

Hey monomell, I notice within the Barbarian tree you took 10/10 Frenzy and 5/15 Cleave. Is it because Frenzy damage works for all other skills and you would try to keep max stacks via attacking in between rotations?

EDIT: Found out that Skills hits do count towards Frenzy, my mistake. Oh and, nice guide btw =w=b

Aight, I just noticed that one as well. Thanks will update it.

And yes, max stats frenzy + attributes is crazy. That’s free % damage. Also you wouldn’t use cleave as a dps skill. It’s meant to buff your slash attacks.

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Hey, just started game doing good with this build. What stats should i put my points?


You can’t add stats anymore unless it’s from free stat points or it’s towards your gear. Any stats from Str/Dex/Con is best. Priority First is Str or Con, Don’t worry to much about Dex if you don’t have good crit rate.

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Hello, i love your guide but where I should put the status points for " AA swordsman build (Bar-dopel-nak)" … STR, DEX or CON…???