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[SUBMIT] Ausrine's Summer Getaway~

Title: Ausrine’s Summer Getaway~
Server: [SEA] Telsiai
Team Name: Lyselle

While the Revelators as well as Gesti’s army are working hard to find out about Ausrine’s whereabouts… this might be what she’s probably doing, away from all the nonsense happening in the world, getting some peace and quiet.

Edit - Added wings to lower back as pointed out by @Aoi_Kanashi (Thanks!) + some other details.


i get this ff10-ish vibes from this entry X3

with that said, i am confused if ausrine has more than a pair of wings @w@;;

some of her depictions has another smaller pair like Laima owO

It seems that she does indeed have another pair of wings, probably from her lower back, I’ll see if i can somehow add that to my entry :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for pointing out.

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glad i could help Owoy it’s np owOb

looking good with the additional wings >w</

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