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Title: Assassin
Server Name: [Na] Klaipeda
Team Name: LinYue

Description: Nada - Congratz to the Winners …


Congrats to you too…

Don’t sell yourself short…


yah lin Owo before i say let’s just enjoy the event with everyone’s entries

i wanna say that your stuffs are nice and cute X3

and that finding a way to appreciate one’s own works is a prerequisite in order to appreciate the works of others with genuine sincerity

yeah, not winning at least once can be sucky,

but as they say “a journey is not about reaching one’s destination, but what one becomes by it”

more important than winning, is the the way how one competes in order to find the opportunities to make better of themselves Owob

a gacha hell friend of mine once said that “Maybe the friends we made along the way are the real SSR’s.”

that is to say, we should pay more attention to the process and live on that moment rather than the results

I hope you can find it in yourself to bring back that positive outlook like you once have back in the days, lin Owoy