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[SUBMIT] Anniversal Cannon Fireworks


Title: Anniversal Cannon Fireworks
Server Name: [NA] Klaipeda
Team Name: Suweeka
Description: My cannoneer celebrates Tree of Savior’s anniversary with what she knows best: explosions. Instead of blowing up cute innocent creatures, she instead takes the time to gather her favorite cute innocent creatures to join her in shooting the sky and blowing it all up. And what else would be more relevant for a third year anniversary than to fire a [cannon barrage] of three fireworks?
Happy Anniversary, ToS. My cannoneer gives everyone her appraiser [overestimate] of approval.



Great art :+1:

Great Popo



hngggfff… I was really waiting for this!!!

Lovely art! :two_hearts: take my like and support! @maybesuweeka :3

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The Popo looks like a new Teemo skin from League of Legends.

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really great pic :heeey:

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there should be a popo dress up mechanics in this game X3

that could make a nice doll idea owO



Giltine Doll is cute and all but…

Popolion Doll when?

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Love it :blush:

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i’d love to see that popo on my loading screen :3

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Amazing, you really understand the spirit of the Popo

I’ll award you a golden popo for this emoticon_0006G



I love that you drew a night scene and my favorite part is the little popo. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I love the lighting in this night scene!! Very beautiful.
Everyone loves the popo, but for me, the gribaru has stolen my love. Look at that lil sparkler :sob: So cute!



love it and please don’t bring your cannon to gem feud and one shot me so far away i can’t even see :smirk:

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Don’t worry. She’s not even at the right level yet!

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I love cannon, great artwork :+1:

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Nice art work mate!!!